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Multi-Tiered Support System

What is MTSS?

A Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) is used to make data-driven decisions for each and every student. MTSS uses Tiers of support based on the frequency and intensity required.Children can move from one to another fluidly. Tier I is where all children begin as they participate in the core curriculum. As teachers notice children having difficulty within the core curriculum, small groups for reading, math, or behavior are used to help children in those difficult areas. As the child participates in these groups, data is collected and utilized to decide if adequate progress is being made. If the child is still struggling, the MTSS team meets and decides what research based interventions can be used to help the child further. At this point, the child may receive Tier III services which can be in small group or even one-on-one. As the child receives these intense services, data is again collected and analyzed for progress and growth. As always, parents are kept informed throughout the entire process, so that the school and home connection are strong in order to benefit the child.

Overall, MTSS shifts the critical question in education from asking, "What's wrong with the student?" to asking, "What resources and strategies can we use to increase the student's chances for success?" MTSS answers the question through a team approach that provides for greater cohesiveness, coordination, and instructional continuity, and compliments existing curriculum and instructional programs. 

If you have any questions about MTSS please contact Mrs. Christine Wickenheiser at B.F. Morey Elementary School.